Monday - Friday

3 p.m. - Midnight (Happy Hour 3 - 7 p.m.)


12 p.m. - Midnight


Noon - 10 p.m. (Happy Hour ALL DAY)


Inside a casual restaurant with minimal design, we fuse the finest craft beer and carefully selected wines with traditional dishes done better; we try to keep it that simple.

Showcased by a beautifully exposed brick wall and raw construction along side modern amenities, The Bottle Room evokes the idea of historic building revivals. The simplicity is intentional. It allows guests the opportunity to surround themselves in a cozy environment free from unwanted distractions. We believe the design should be in the food, the drinks and friends.

The menu is designed to infuse fresh and vibrant ingredients into everyone’s favorite dishes. The food is not fancy, but the way it’s prepared is. The Bottle Room’s chef, Tony Alcazar, has drawn from his years of fine-dining cooking experience to upgrade our most enjoyed meals into distinctive creations.

We would love for you to come and join us.


  • 5th Annual Christmas Brunch with The Bruery

    Dec 2014
    - 10:00am -

    Once again our little restaurant will be graced by the presence of The Bruery guys and their amazing beers.
    And again, we are lucky to get some of the rare stuff. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Patrick Rue comes dressed as Santa Claus again….

    This is a first come, first served event.  No reservations or tickets required.

    The BEER

    Smoking Wood Bourbon Barrel Aged
    Beachwood and Cherrywood Smoked Imperial Porter @ 14%
    6 Geese A Laying Bourbon Barrel Aged
    Belgian Strong with Oaky Vanilla and Caramel Sweetness @ 12.9%
    Melange #1
    A Blend of Black Tuesday and Oude Tart @ 11%
    Melange #9
    Sour in the Rye & White Oak Sap with Ginger and Coconut @ 8%
    Hottenroth on Mango*
    A Berliner Weisse with Mango Puree @ 3.1%
    Atomic Kangarue*
    A Belgian Golden with Semillon, Viognier and Brettanomyces @ 9.5%
    Belgian-style blend of Lambics of different ages @ 5.9%
    7 Swans Swimming
    A “No Bells, No Whistles” Belgian Quadrupel @ 11%

    The FOOD

    Sugary Sweet Treats

    Greek Yogurt “Bionico” 4
    Apples, Banana, Strawberry, Granola, Coconut and Currants
    Cast Iron Corn Bread 6
    Baked to order with Truffle Butter and Truffle Honey
    French Toast Bread Pudding 6
    Banana and Meyer’s Rum Sauce with Maple Chantilly
    Bacon Cheddar Waffle 7
    With Maple Syrup and French Butter
    Eggs and Their Sidekicks
    Huevos Con Chorizo 11
    Baby Potatoes, Piquillo Peppers, Chorizo Salsa y Queso Cotija
    Norwegian Smoked Salmon 13
    Thick-cut Brioche, Cream Cheese, Fried Egg, and Jalapeño Hollandaise
    Almost Traditional English Breakfast 12
    Pork Sausage, Baked Beans, Hashrown and Soft Poached Egg
    The Breaking Fast 14
    Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheddar, Hashbrown and Maple Syrup
    Steak & Eggs | 8 oz. 17
    Whole Roasted New York, Egg Tartlet and Tomatillo Salsa